Clear Nude is a publication focused on lens based media and the nude form. We are looking for contributors, editors, writers, photographers and creators of any lens base based media, including film for both our website and printed journal.

  1. Professional, academic, student or experimental work is encouraged.

  2. There are three lengths considered for writing, 300, 500 or 800.

  3. All types of work will be considered for this section. Some examples of what

we are interested in (but not limited to):

  1. The detailing of your artistic process; the successes, challenges or other thoughts.

  2. Interviews with lens-­‐based artists

  3. Fiction or non-­‐fiction writing coupled with photography relating to one other.

  4. Essays on trends, critiques or reviews.

  5. Academic essays about lens-­‐based media are highly encouraged.

  6. We are open to almost anything as long it’s well-­‐written, interesting and/or creative.